Canada Goose identification and comparison of genuine knowledge of popular science

Simple talk about Canada Goose, the brand is a handsome cute pig like niche brands! Described below, write so many words, for Canada Goose, true and false identification of knowledge interested in friends. Unfortunately so far haven’t seen fakes of real cute pig temporarily, in the Forum to be studied quite a few friends took the fake photos, so here the differential experience is summarized and user reference and the method of sorting, and focus said genuine basic knowledge and characteristics. In fact, I’ve been sorting through false identification methods like talking about authentic characteristics, whether it is identification of cosmetics or clothing shoes bags, I think as long as the understanding of the real situation and fundamental characteristics, identify the fakes are not hard!


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Canada goose down jacket production in Canada in Toronto, there are no factories in Asia, so as long as the seller claims that he is what “original CANADA GOOSE” or something, you can directly PASS! That is actually fake. At first filled with goose down, the back may be the cause of rising prices, cost considerations with white duck down, so the “Canada goose” the name to.

2. the red black and white standard difference
Standard (red label) and black label, as far as my personal summary, actually black label is the gimmick. Because of price, workmanship, fabrics with regular red label cheap canada goose almost no difference. In addition to the color of the logo is black and one is red, and didn’t feel the obvious “high-end” feel. Of course, black camouflage suits really calm atmosphere. But personally feel that warmth with the sense of needs, regular foot can be your starting point.
3. classification of styles
Then a brief style. Asian version (fusion), with the difference between European and American version is close to the armpit without straps. This may be the only obvious difference. Asia than the European version, about 1. Such as European and American version m is the Asian version of difference: no straps, canada goose kensington parka size of the Asian version of the l. Almost no other difference. Customer feedback, no research: European and American arms longer than Asia.
4. top recommended
This year most is the Trillium, head-on-straight. Behind the waist. Because the back is shrinking the waist belt. Side view figure. Very playful, not highlighting the curves and is very “smart”, and of course be sure to buy the right number. This model featured red. If it’s hair (blonde, Brown), red absolute beauty began to cry. Keep you away from bloated. Most popular black with dark blue, conservative color Joker.
Shelburne is we usually see down feeling, once a line. Soft elegant lines. Featured dark blue canada goose kensington parka review Navy, which many white collar. Really is a white fur collar. Many Goose are yellow fur collar, color and white fur collar looks more full of light. So simple like fur collar, focusing more on fur collar rather than the style of Shelburne to start.
Expedition is a cute pig like, straight no waistline. White is my favorite. White, handsome and looks very clean. Take the leather pants is warm and stylish. And, like a good girl. This series is lover, bought a newlywed couple to climb the snow-capped mountains in Tibet, came back and said “it feels good” to keep warm canada goose sale womens¬†is really beyond what they expected. But dark blue is still the most popular.
Skinny play–Kensington is super slim. All around are slim. If it is a fat girl I can recommend the Kensington or expedition. I have always felt that if there is no waist, or self-made waist. Or hide wear looser. Wear close-fitting clothing really belly showing to be most unwise. Attention is involved. Clothes go with the body.

5. fake Canada goose identification skills
Tell you what marks the identification logo, actually goose logo has been less than stable, such as Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant sometimes split, canada goose sale ottawa are the three tip-there are gaps between the sometimes does not split. And three blue dots on the map are seen almost entirely the same, so don’t only judge truth by logo on his arm. But one thing has not changed–is fine. Genuine goose needling special regular, not fuzzy, all plate full.

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Material is the material of different Goose are different. Japan material is not the same as Europe, the reason is not clear. But studying Japan’s friends to physically tell me different, not sure if all are not the same, I hope know one can about science. Of course, the fake materials canada goose outlet toronto don’t have to say anymore, regardless of how the imitation of essence, are all genuine and distinct difference in texture.
Finally, security code identification. Location of the security code is changed, observe the Goose during the same period, some security code on the first page, second page, some alone beside the wash label. But the light display images are the same, black coding logo of polar bears, this point is the key to authenticity.

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